The Country Fucker


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Cars today are so uniform with such shitty colors. When designers try to get creative we get the fucking Prowler. Hard to imagine when taxis were this tight.

Ryan Adams - I Want to Know What Love Is (Foreigner cover)



Ryan Adams and The Shining
"I Want to Know What Love Is" (Foreigner cover)
NPR World Cafe Sessions - August 14, 2014

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over

I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I’m older


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Country Funk: Deep Cuts

Light In The Attic’s Country Funk Volume 1 cemented the place of this long overlooked musical cul-de-sac. Featuring cult favourites Jim Ford, Bobbie Gentry and Tony Joe White as well as unknowns such as Cherokee, Gritz and Dennis The Fox, it was a critical success and has been a permanent resident on my turntable for the past couple of years. Newly released Volume II has some choice selections too; Bob Darin’s Me and Mr Hohner and Thomas Jefferson’s Collection Box being especially revelatory. I can’t help feeling LITA played it safe of their latest collection though. This is no critique of quality (Saint Townes, Gene Clark, peace be upon him,) it’s just that anyone with a passing interest in this music would no doubt already be hip these (see also: JJ Cale, Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, not to mention Willie and Dolly…)

This collection is my attempt to dig a little deeper and look beyond the usual suspects. I cast my net wider, taking in everything from Claudia Lennear’s Planet Caravan-esque Sister Angela to Blac Dog’s Nobody Like You, a full tilt, southern boogie party starter, via Tobias Wood Henderson’s Colour Blind Man, which would slip seamlessly into either of the official Country Funk comps. Forgive the patchy audio quality; most tracks are scratchy vinyl rips and all are totally unlicensed. 


  1. Priscilla Coolidge - On The Road
  2. Eddie Mottau - Old New Hampshire
  3. Joey Gregorash - Down By The River
  4. Alan Gerber - Sigmund’s Blues
  5. Tobias Wood Henderson - Colour Blind Man
  6. Randy Holland - Song For A Rainy Tuesday
  7. Linda Perhacs - Paper Mountain Man
  8. Travis Wammack - Parchment Farm
  9. Ken Lauber - Undertow
  10. Hoyt Axton - The Pusher
  11. Claudia Lennear - Sister Angela
  12. Boz Scaggs - I’m Easy
  13. Eric Quincy Tate - The Bream Are Still Biting In Ferriday
  14. Jeannie C Riley - The Cotton Patch
  15. Tim Rose - Roanoke
  16. Alexander Harvey - Tulsa Turnaround
  17. Blac Dog - Nobody Like You
  18. Lee Hazlewood & Ann Margaret - Sweet Thing
  19. Chris Darrow - Wherever You Are


(Zip File Contains individual audio files, artwork + insert.)

- Deadwood
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Ready to rock my new studio opening party on Friday…

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Harry Patton, old time cowboy with the Three Block Outfit, fiddling before an open fireplace, 1908. Photograph by Erwin E. Smith.

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Hills Brothers coffee can with wraparound image of Ansel Adam’s Yosemite. 1969

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The most important tool you can carry if you wanna put a Harley Davidson on the road?

A fully paid AAA membership card, girlfriend with a pickup truck, or a buddy with a trailer.

Lately I’ve been getting a hard part, tight on the sides, and longer on top. However, supercuts ain’t going to cut it. 

Most important thing is finding a barber who can give the haircut you want because that is what they do on the regular. 

I got my haircut and beard cleaned up by Greg at Belmont Barbers in Chicago for this wedding. Usually, I go to Temescal Alley Barber Shop