The Country Fucker


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Autumnal as fuck. 

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mi casa …

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General Store, SF. 

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#LeavesAsPaper part two.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody- covered by Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers

Dig those back up singers. 


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Did I photobomb the Miller or did the Miller photobomb me?

Waltz About Whiskey - Mandolin Orange

Once the getting was good, but now the getting’s got gone 
I’m going downtown just to tie one on
I’m oak aged and sour, I’m going down by the hour
now I’m as blue as night is long

So won’t someone dance with me to a waltz about whiskey
and turn these sad songs to lullabies
I don’t need much of nothin’, except for all your lovin’
and the waltz about whiskey on ice

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A Sioux man smoking a cigarette. 1908. Photo by Fred Harvey

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Max Schaaf

So so good. 

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Autumnal As Fuck. 

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Fury was a fantastic movie. Plot twist: It made me not hate Shia LaBeouf - did not see that coming at all.