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“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.” — Samuel Beckett

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Today would have been my grandparents 74th wedding anniversary. They met at the Evangelical United Brethern church in the countryside outside of Attica, NY. They grew up on family farms less than 5 miles from each other. 

The were married 61 years before my grandpa passed. It was a marriage, partnership, and friendship that I will always hold as a standard by which to base all relationships on. 

From L to R:

My great Uncle Howard Merle, a cousin named Ralph, my grandfather Donald Glor, my grandmother Viola Glor, her sisters Aunt Agnes Merle, Aunt Francis, and Aunt Mildred.

Lot of solid names in that crew.  

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Thumbs up and Happy Zombie Jesus Day! He died was buried and on the third day rose. On the fourth day a young Carl Grimes put a .45 in his head.

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Kyle Field

Great interview on

h/t theroamer

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Half Dome - September, 1984

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I don’t claim to know much about art. But Cezanne definitely loved hats and mountains as much as me. A turn of the century impressionist French country fucker. (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

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Inspiration | Women In Menswear | Wear It Weird


This made my head explode a little bit…

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Orinda, California, 1956

Wayne Miller

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Just in. Incredibly beautiful handmade ceramic pipes. Ready to blow your mind. (at Reliquary)

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