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One of my oldest and best friends in the Bay is following her vibe and has started a very cool canvas bag company. Amy has a great simple style and is hyper focused on quality - which is why she hand crafts each bag. It took her 13 years of practicing before she felt ready to go pro. 

I have a lot of respect for good people making good things. I think most folks who follow TCF do as well.

Check out Good West Co. and support a lovely craftswoman starting out.  



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- Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues
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Leon Russell - Pisces Apple Lady


If you ever wondered what sign I am, I’ll let Leon Russell tell ya. 

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Summertime Goals.



bailey hunter robinson for idol brooklyn |

Best tattoo experience I’ve had was with Bailey. Twice.

Dig this fella’s style

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- The Big Sleep, Raymond Chandler
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A Native American sends smoke signals in Montana, June 1909.Photograph by Dr. Joseph K. Dixon, National Geographic Creative

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by Devilicious

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