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WWIT: First semi-successful bow tie tying edition.

And, yes, I do wear my sunglasses indoors at work, cuz I am the cool guy in the office.  

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\This was posted 2 years ago
  1. sazkar said: you look good
  2. buffleheadcabin said: At least you’re not wearing some pathetic clip-on. I sported bow ties at work for 30+ years as a very small way of saying fuck y’all. So good on you!
  3. sinceseventyseven said: I’ve got new wayfarers with prescription sunglass lenses in them and I’ve worn them to work and forgot to have my normal glasses with me. They’re polarized, so they wreak havoc on my brain when looking at LCD screens though.
  4. bareblu said: no need for explanations, love.. when you’re cool… the sun is always shining ;)
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