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Gawker recently ran a critical article on one of my favorite menswear shops in the Bay Area, UnionMade

Basically the article, I think fairly, calls out UnionMade for not doing a better job of supporting unions. However, I do think that their customer base and ownership are the kind of politically aware folks that would support a higher integration of union made clothing into the inventory.

I left this comment on the post

I admit it, I dig this store, I can’t afford most of it but, yep, I dig it. I save up to buy one or two nice articles of clothing every year that will last longer than some cheap Wal-Mart bullshit and are made in America (see Alden Shoes). 
As a consumer, there is a lot to pay attention to and I applaud anyone who tries. I think that the customer base of UnionMade, which is located in SF on the edge of the Castro and Mission, are folks that pay very close attention, would care politically and have the means to be able to afford higher priced, well made, union branded clothing. 
It would be great to see UnionMade continue on to form a relationship with some of the apparel unions. Start carrying and highlighting union labels along with your other merchandise, use union workers in your lookbooks, maybe give 10% of your profits back to worker’s rights organizations.

I try to buy American and I often try to buy union labeled clothing but probably not as often as I could. What do you think? I have never gotten the sense that this was “false advertising” but do you think it is? 

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  2. barnwoodanchors said: With industrial rev. workwear inspired fashions being coveted from the U.S. to Japan, I think related brand names aren’t taken literally. Nevertheless, they would be wise to listen to the criticism and give their name some real meaning.
  3. platformshoebox said: pitiful
  4. closeupfaraway said: Their aim is true, their name is bullshit (and their prices, insane!) If you want to evoke the feelings of yesteryear and the common man, there are a million names you could come up with, without claiming to be something you are not.
  5. resmc said: Even though it’s menswear, I was pretty stoked to find the website, under the impression that it was all produced by unions. It left a bad taste in my mouth when I noticed no sign of a mention of worker’s rights or ownership of the company.
  6. its-onlygene said: Just from reading the article, it’s seems as close to a bald face lie as you can get without actually “telling” the lie. As usual, I could be wrong. But I ain’t.
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