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Looking forward to going home. I will be in the Adirondacks bagging some peaks with the Moms around Christmastime. This is one of the hikes we have planned. 

Drop a line if you want to experience the magic of winter in the daks with old lesbians and a country fucker. 

In the meantime, what is your favorite winter hike of all time?

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  2. its-onlygene answered: It snowed 18inches in a 14hour period, and I hiked to the liqour store about a mile away and back. :)
  3. 10engines answered: you driving up from NYC or Boston. May be in VT - connect?
  4. rodeo-active answered: You stoppin in Albany? I owe you a beer.
  5. haley-laken answered: Snowboarding! Not so much hiking :)
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