The Country Fucker


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Will Rogers. 

Good hat. Top button. 

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OG TCF in Kodachrome

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So this happened at Unionmade today….

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LIA - (Love is African)


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Happy Hunting Dick Lattiner


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Asked Anonymous

Other than a good hat and a clean pair of undies?

For women:

A bikini made out of a reindeer pelt

For men: 

A knife carved from a narwhal horn

Also, shoes. Shoes are very important and dudes tend to fuck it up much more than women. But if you are rocking a good hat, have the confidence that comes with shit-free undies, the magic of narwhal blade strapped to your hip and a beautiful woman in a reindeer fur bikini on your arm… Well, who the fuck is going to care about your fucking shoes. 

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Human Granite. Style Icon.

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Wish I owned this on a cold and snowy Saturday in NYC. 


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Red Yosemite Taylor Stitch Shirt. 


Thanks for the help y’all. 

Another damn year that I put off buying Taylor Stitch’s Yosemite Shirt and now they are out of my size. 

I have a hard time pulling the trigger on this $125 chamois shirt. Especially since I own the LL Bean version for about $40. However, TS makes this here in the USA and the fit is so much better, I’ve been buying their stuff since they started and see them all around town. Nice fellas. Not to mention that they named the damn thing The Yosemite. 

I am such a sucker for that kind of shit. If there was a rubber brand called the John Muir Condom I’d overpay for that too. “The Vagina Is Calling And I Must Go” err come… err… 

TS still has some sizes left for you if you are very small (I highly recommend them for a woman to rock). That would be perfect for some tomboy chic perfection. 

Vintage Ax Tie Bar 

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Behold, the perfect man gift. 

Every year I get asked what should I get my Dad, brother, lover, gay uncle who climbs 5.11, that special country fucker in my life… well here it is. You are welcome. 

An Ibex wool henley. Why TCF, is this the perfect man gift? Well, dear reader I will tell you. This perfect shirt is $110 and never goes on fucking sale (trust me I’ve been stalking this like a creeper). Most dudes would never buy this for themselves at full price so you are guaranteed to be getting him something he wants but would never buy for himself. 

How do I know he wants it? 

1. Made in the USA

2. Ibex wool is one of the best performance wools in the game. Less stinky than synthetic, great at moisture managing, and wool is warmer. 

3. Almost every dude looks good in a henley. 

4. It comes in forest colors. Stick to black or green. Sorry, Patagonia, mango ain’t my jam (full disclosure I own a Patagonia coat in mango and avocado- not proud but it was on sale)

5. Ibex has a lifetime guarantee. I value and am willing to pay for things that are well made by a company that is willing to stand behind it’s product- you should too. 

6. You will want to steal it from him. He will probably love/hate that. 

Honestly, ebay and etsy have been pretty awesome to me. I scored an amazing very old Stetson Open Road on etsy for about $30. When you can’t go to all the vintage stores those two sites can scratch that diggers itch. Mind you I don’t buy a ton of new stuff that isn’t climbing or outdoor related. However, I do a lot of window (pun intended) browsing:

Taylor Stitch - Based and handmade in SF. 

Unionmade I prefer going in person but their site is beautifully laid out


Put This On’s ebay round ups

Self Edge - Both the brick and mortar and online shop are where I go when I want to daydream of what I would buy if I hadn’t chosen the non-profit save the stupid fucking world lifestyle. 

Mr. Freedom - because obviously a Frenchman in LA is the god of all that is amazing in the American workwear style. Also, I hear he is a real cool guy. 

Kapital - mostly for the amazing lookbooks they shoot. Also, there is always some crazy ass style that I wouldn’t pull off that I still think is awesome. Also, $90 socks cuz FTW. 

RRL - again I’ve never bought anything from there but I dig their layout and checking out the ladies styles.  

Marisa Haskell - for when I want to look pretty. 

Any other recommendations that I am missing?

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"Shirt Week"

Raleigh Haberdasher window, 1310 F Street, Washington D.C. - 1926